About Me!


Welcome to my first ever blog post!                                                                                                        My name is katie hollis, I’m 17 years old living in the UK and am currently at college doing an art and design extended diploma! I have a few interests what I am pretty passionate about like drawing, criminology, music from heavy metal to the king of pop and also makeup! I decided to start a blog to be able to write about mainly my biggest passion which is makeup. I wanted to do this to be able to share my interest with other people and just because I thought it would be fun to be to have a place of my own dedicated to makeup/ beauty!

When I love something I want to talk about it allllll the time! At first I didn’t know where or how I could share my love for makeup but then had the ideas to do YouTube as YouTube has been a massive inspiration for me in makeup. However… I defiantly would not feel comfortable with uploading a video of me talking to a camera right now and plus I would not have the bloody first idea how to edit and I have no camera equipment! I am still debating YouTube but think I will stick to one thing at a time! Then I had the idea of blogging and thought it could be the best way for me at the moment to upload this content!

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Throughout school and college, not knowing what i wanted to do next created a lot of challenges and struggles in being able to stick to one college or one course after leaving secondary school. I ended up on an art and design course. This wasn’t the worst thing in the world as I have always had a passion for art. I planned to leave the course after a year and go onto a different course maybe health and social? Maybe forensic science as I am interested in both but they aren’t a passion and were more of an idea I could fall back on.

As I always loved art as a hobby I didn’t like the idea of using it as a career as I didn’t want to ruin something I enjoyed in my free time to become a task but I realised if it was incorporated in my career it would be my passion (if that makes any sense what so ever!) but I didn’t know how I could incorporate art into my career?

On the side of college, I was constantly building my love and passion for beauty and makeup like I have been doing for years. I one day realised makeup is such a massive passion and is so much fun to me my why did I not think about it as maybe being a career? Anyway this is all basically why I am focusing on makeup and beauty because I am thinking about going into makeup, maybe into special effects makeup, maybe into makeup artistry I’m not too sure but this blog is to share my ideas and to learn new things!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

P.S. where else to find me is linked at the bottom of my blog front page!

first blog post