November Favourites

its that time again! recapping on all my favourites of the month!


To start with is the La Girl pro conceal in white/ highlight. I bought this to mix in with my concealer to brighten it as I so far have not been able to find a concealer lighter than my skin shade so I find it difficult to highlight down the centre of my face and under eyes. On its own this highlight comes of pretty shimmery. I was a bit worried about as I don’t want shimmery under eyes. Mixed in with a concealer however to lighten (which is the reason I bought it) gives a bright glowy finish and I defiantly 100% recommend this as a concealer mixer if you want to lift the shade of your concealer. Especially if you find your under eyes to be quite dull and dry.

Next is another concealer. I hear everyone talk about the Maybelline fit me concealer (which don’t get me wrong I do love) but I hardly ever hear people talking about the Bourjois radience reveal concealer. This I also use to brighten/ highlight ares of my faces and I like this as it gives quite a bright dewy finish and the best part about it smells like watermelons!

Next is the Nars sheer glow foundation! This foundation is pretty expensive but after trying so many high street foundation over so many years, saving for a foundation a bit more expensive in my opinion is defiantly worth it. This foundation gives a very good even dewy finish and is easily buildable. This is defiantly the best foundation I have tried especially for my dry skin.


At the moment in the colder months my skin defiantly has been looking a bit lifeless and dull especially due to dryness from the cold. I have really been loving the Sleek barekissed illuminator in Monaco. I mix this into my foundation to give it more of a dewy finish.



Now is a powder. As I have dry skin I find it hard to find a powder what wont look bad on top of my skin. This powder is the Maybelline fit me pressed powder. This powder is specifically for normal to dry skin. It has a slight sheen to the finish and i find it good to set my concealer.


At the moment as its cold I have defiantly been liking blush more than bronzer as I like the looked of pink alight flushed cheeks in the colder months. The blush I have been loving lately is the balms beach blush. This is a warm very pale pinky shade and gives my skin a subtle flush of colour.


Going along with the cold theme, in the colder months I defiantly prefer a high shine silver highlight compared to a gold toned highlight what I lean towards more for summer. The highlight I have really been using a lot lately is the shade Hemasphere from the Sleek Solstice palette. This is a pale lavender shade what gives an extreme high shine highlight.


coming away from makeup, I have lovedddd christmasy smells recently and the Yankee Candle in Cinemon Stick is like christnas in a jar! Its a warm cinemony (obiously)smell and it so nice to light in the eveing!


Lastly onto music. I have literally been obsessed with the song “Arsonists Lullaby” by Hozier. I originally heard this as its in a scene from The Walking Dead and I have basically had this on repeat through out the whole of November! I love Hozier and have his record and now am obsessed with this song! I also then found the sound “The Woods” what I also love if I had to recommend 1 though i 100% recommend you listen to Arsonists Lullaby!

Another music favourite this month was Metallica’s new album Hardwired… To Self Destruct. This album released at the beginning of the month and so far am in love with it!! My top songs on the album are defiantly “Hardwired… To Self Destruct”, “Dream No More”, “Now That We’re Dead” and “When A Blind Man Cries”!


So quite a long list this month a mix of new products I have bought and products I have especially been loving from my collection!

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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