Top 10 Autumn/ Winter lip shades

So now we are in full blown Autumn almost into Winter, I thought it would be a good idea to do my favourite lip colours in my collection this Autumn/Winter. (Even though I wear these all year round!)

First up is a very berry like plum shade, an obvious for Autumn. this is the NYX soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen. I own a few matte lip creams by NYX and I really love them as they a great matte lip for lips prone to being very dry especially in the colder moths when lips can become a lot more dry. This shade I will say is a lot more sheer compared to the other matte lip creams but as they are so light it is easy to build up the colour.


left to right- Copenhagen, Dubai, Ginger Snap, Vintage, Cherry Skies, Alien, Viva Glam III, Rebel, Fetish, Reign 

Another NYX matte lip cream great for Autumn/ Winter is Dubai. This is a medium coolish toned brown. This one is defiantly more pigmented than Copenhagen but you can build up the intensity of it.

Next is a NYX butter gloss in Ginger Snap. This is a chocolate brown with a sort of purple undertone. When I wear this I usually wear it over the Dubai matte lip cream as they go quite well together.


Another NYX product is the liquid suede in Vintage. Out of all my liquid lip products I own (including high end) This is defiantly my favourite formula. This dries more to a satin finish and eventually dries more matte. This shade is a very deep maroon with a brown nundertone.

Keeping with the liquid suedes, my next one is the NYX liquid suede in Cherry Skies. This is a deep blue toned red, this one is defiantly more streaky than the other liquid suedes I own but 2 layers is fine to build the colour.


The last liquid suede ( I love their liquid suedes as you can probably tell) is Alien. As this is a black I defiantly don’t think this is just for winter this would look great all year round but I thought it would be a good shade to add to this list as I like dark colours for Autumn/Winter.

Onto the higher end products now, for the first of 2 Mac lipsticks in this list is Rebel. This is a berry shade with quite a bright pink undertone with a satin finish. This is one of the brighter ones in this list.

The next Mac lipstick is Viva Glam III is a berry with a brown undertone and is a matte finish.


Lime Crimes velvetine in Fetish is next. This is my first velvetine and I defiantly want to get more! This dries completely matte but inst intensly drying what is good! This is a dark eggplant.


Finally is more of a unique colour. This is the Kylie metal matte lipstick in Reign. This is a very metallic brown with a red undertone with a gold sheen to it.  This is probably the most unusual in this list and I think is defiantly my favourite because of that!


So that was my top 10 list!

hope you enjoyed!

(let me know if you have any good recommendations for a good Autumn/ Winter lip shades as they are defiantly my favourite type of colours for the lips.)






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