Alice In Wonderland Eye Look


So this is a bit of a different look and bloody hell it took fucking ages! This was inspired by Alice In Wonderland and it was for a project for college. I looked at a couple Alice In Wonderland inspired eye looks on Pinterest and I took parts from a few looks to make my own. This look is a bit weird but I wanted to write a blog post on it anyway as its a bit different and i like the type of arty makeup!


One of the palettes I mainly used in this was the Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass palette which was pretty fitting and also the packaging of this palette is stunning!! I really didn’t know what I was doing in this so i kind of did it in a weird order but i was making it up as I went!







left to right- Heads Will Roll, Metamophosis, Bandersnatch, Gone Mad, Time, Dormouse, Mirror, Lily, Salazen Grum, Paradox

First of all, l  primed and set my lid with my Maybelline Fit Me concealer and Number 7 loose powder. The first colour I went in with was Heads Will Roll from the Urban Decay palette from my eyebrow down to just above my crease on a Morphe M441 ( I know, a weird order to do shadows). Then I used Metamorphosis into the crease and blended into that first shade into the outer in inner corner, blending into the bridge of my nose and leaving a space in the crease. I then deepened Metamophosis with Bandersnatch on a Mac 217.




Next, over the lid, I applied Gone Mad and blended this in with Bandersnatch with Candied Violet from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and then went back in with Gone Mad again over the lid to blend it all together.


Now I started with the chequered part under my eye. I drew it with my Natural Collection black liquid liner and got an idea of where I needed to fill in with black and white. I then filled in the black areas with Maybelline gel liner and Makeup Geeks shadow in Corrupt to set the gel. For the white I use NYX white liquid liner. I then cleaned up the lines with the Natural Collection black liquid liner. I then took the brush which comes in the Urban Decay palette and with the smaller end I blended the black and white out.






Now I decided to go in again with the NYX white liner to create the little heart cards and with a Morphe M217 I took a tiny bit of Corrupt to create a shadow. I then went in with the same small Morphe brush (wiped clean) with a red lipstick to draw the hearts.


I then decided what I wanted above the lid and drew out the shapes with the white liquid liner. I then filled then in the same was as the heart playing cards using that Morphe brush wiped clean and filling the shapes in with colour.




I then finally actually used a Mac lip liner in my water line ( which I didn’t really like how it turned out I think maybe a bright blue or perhaps white would of stood out more). I then applied mascara and lashes and also tried individual lashes on the bottom lashes (which I really didn’t like the look of but oh well it was all a bit random).




This was a bit of a spare of the moment look I did at like 3 in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. It was for my college work but I did it just do it for a bit of fun as well!

hope you enjoyed!:)



6 thoughts on “Alice In Wonderland Eye Look

    • katiehollisblog says:

      It is so good if you like bright colours I 100% recommend it!! I just don’t know if you can get it anymore though as i think it was limited addition. Thank you so much don’t put your work down though!! I haven’t seen your makeup but I’m sure yours is awesome! Xx


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