Modern Renaissance Smokey Eye


As i’ve been lovinggg my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette I decided to do another post on a look I do with it. (Although there are a couple Makeup Geek shadows which are to be honest unnecessary) at the moment this is my more dramatic smoky cat eye go to look using the palette


(First I primer using Urban Decays Naked Skin and a loose powder to set with a morphe E22 focusing on the crease and up.) So as always, ( I cant do a look with out this it just feels wrong!) to start with, I used my Morphe M441 brush and Makeup Geeks Peach Smoothie as a transition shade and brought it a lot further up then usual, right up to my brow. Then used the same brush and Burnt Orange from the ABH palette in practically the same place!



Now to start deepening the crease, I took Love Letter on a Zoeva 227 and focused this just abuve my natural crease and flicked it out. When creating a cut crease, I always create a new crease to make my eye appear bigger and I also just prefer it to look like this. I did the same using Red Ochre but slightly focusing it more on the outer part of the new crease.



Now on a Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader brush I used Cyprus Umber to deepen and sharpen the cut crease and again slightly focusing this more on the outer edge of the new crease. To blend it I took my Morphe M139 brush to blend it out as this is more tapered than a blending/ definer brush so you can be a bit more precise. As an extra step I also blend this out with the same brush using Makeup Geeks Cocoa Bear.



Now I cut the crease going above my natural crease using a small detailer brush and my Naked Skin concealer and set it with loose powder. Now to make the smoky cat eye shape I go in with all the same colours as before and blended them into to cut crease to make the half cut crease. You could do this at the beginning and only cut the crease half way but I just prefer to do it in stages. I also took the shades on my lower lash line.








19Then on a Mac 242, I used Primevera and Mac fix plus across the lid and blended it with Love Letter, Red Ochre and Cyprus Umber using a Mac 217.


Then I went in with my Smashbox Always Sharp Kohl Liner on the water line and to tight line. I then went back in with Cyprus Umber on a Sigma E15 and pressed the shadow up the the water line to blend in the liner. Then used my Smashbox Full Expose mascara. I then highlighted the inner corner with Vermer and the the brow bone first with Tempera and Vermer using my Zoeva 230 brush.



sorry for all the different lights in the photos. The sun went down really quick so had to use my light which was really yellowy and the last picture with mascara liner etc is on a different day where the lighting was much better.If you have any posts on what type of looks you like to do with this palette let me know and I will defiantly have a look!

hope you enjoyed!


12 thoughts on “Modern Renaissance Smokey Eye

  1. Hannah Murphy says:

    Gurlllll that make up!! Why have I only just found your blog?! I looove it, followed! Also can I be cheeky and ask what highlighter you’re using on your profile type thing picture because it’s amazing!? x


    • katiehollisblog says:

      If you like in the U.K. I hear it may be coming to cult beauty and beauty bay this month but I’m not to sure, I got mine from the abh website but because it’s coming from America it was pretty expensive, if you can get your hands on it I defiantly recommend it!


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