October favourites

I feel like I am constantly writing these monthly favourites posts it literally feels like I only just wrote the last one! I also cant believe its November with 2 months till 2017!?

So at the beginning of October is my birthday and I also got my first pay cheque in this month so I think all the makeup favourites in this post are either from buying them myself or from my birthday so they are all new but if I end up not liking them once using them for a longer time I could do a review but I doubt it as they are all really good!

First thing first think i’ll start with my favourite product out of all this. It is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped. This is the third Glow Kit ABH released and I would defiantly say this kit could be used to fit any skin type. On the back it describes the powders as four velvety powders that instantly cast a lit-from-within glow. Yes you can create a subtle highlight or a very strong highlight! I love the formula of all the powders and it defiantly lives up to the hype it gets. The only criticism I would give this is that it doesn’t have mirror. It doesn’t really bother me but the money you pay for it I would of thought it came with a mirror.


Bronzed- Bronzed. the darkest shade in the palette, is the first shade which is a golden bronze and would be so good for deeper skin tones than mine for highlighting. This shade I use as a bronzer topper.

Summer- this is the lightest shade in the palette this is the best one for my skin to highlight with as I am quite pale. It is a warm golden vanilla shade, a bit subtler than bronze which could create a subtle glow or high shine if you built a few layers.

Tourmaline- this is a taupe pink shade which is great for me for a highlight is I apply it with a bit of a lighter hand or a blush topper.

Moonstone-this a deep yellowy gold and I feel like it has a pinky undertone. This one is the second lightest in the palette.


left to right- Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline, Moonstone

Next is another ABH product which is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I didn’t know whether to buy this or not as I own the Lime Crime the Venus palette which has pretty similar shade. I bought it and  100% recommend this palette. Yes I do love my Venus palette and the shades are pretty similar however, there are 8 shades in the Venus palette and 14 in the ABH palette. The formula of these shadows are probably the best formula of eyeshadow I have tried. they are so pigmented and very easily blendable. The palette is full of warm red and orange toned shades including a bone colour and a shade for inner corner highlighting which I really like in a palette. These are the type of colour I tend to lean toward and you can do so many different looks with this.



Another thing I bought this month was a Mac 242 synthetic shader brush. i first heard of this from Jaclyn hill. I have wanted to get this brush for ages to use with foiled and duochrome shadows and that’s exactly what I have been using it for. Originally I was applying these shadows with my finger but I wanted to be able to apply them precisely and also be able to use fix plus with them.


Now is another Mac product which is Mac Whirl lipstick. This is a matte formula which I think is my favourite lipstick formula of theirs. I got this for my birthday and I loveee it! this is a medium brown nude with a pink undertone.



The last thing I will talk about is a TV series which is the walking dead…!! so season 7 just started and I wont put any spoiler in but oh shit!!! I have been re-watching loads of old episode this month up to the cliff hanger reveal of season 7. When i first heard of the show i just presumed it was just a cheesy american TV program about zombies but I has so much more behind it all ans it is now much more about the characters and people than the walkers and I defiantly recommend it!


that was it for another month I hope you enjoyed!


4 thoughts on “October favourites

    • katiehollisblog says:

      Sameeeee I asked for it for my birthday but couldn’t decide on which one out of the first 3, I was worried they would be to fake for my skin tone but so happy I have sun dipped!! I got mine from the abh site, I hear that cult beauty and beauty bay are having a restock this month if you live in the U.K. But not 100% sure!


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