Night Time Skin Care Routine

So finally I have gotten round to writing my night time skin care routine. This routine is not set in stone but over the last couple months I have been trying to get a lot more into the habit of a routine with my skin care.

For years I was using the same old stuff and not really suited to my skin type but recently have been trying to research a lot more into skin care. I think it is really important to keep a regular routine especially if you are wearing makeup a lot of the time. I just find it hard to save money for skin care as when I do save money I end up buying new makeup! The majority of the products I use are affordable!


( By the way a lot of these products are from the same places I just like that they are affordable and are pretty good products so why not?!)

So at night to start off with, I remove my makeup with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. For ages I was just using Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes which are really good but definatly dried out my skin baring in mind I have really dry skin. With the Micellar Water, I use cotton pads to clean my face until no product is coming off onto the cotton pad. I don’t use this to take off eye makeup as when I do it can sting my eyes so I use Simple Facial Wipes to take off my eye makeup.



Every other day (sometimes everyday) depending on what my skin is like, I exfoliate using the Vitamin C Body Shop Exfoliator. I know its not good to exfoliate every day but if i don’t I really notice a difference in my skin and it becomes really dull and my dry patches become really bad. This exfoliator is good but i am defiantly looking for a product more for dry skin.


Next I cleanse using The Body Shop Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser. I really like the cleanser its removes excess makeup and is a deep cleanse along with being moisturising. I use this as it is gentle so won’t increase any dry areas and for sensitive skin.


(When I dry my face after this I don’t wipe my face dry I pat it, this sounds really weird but I read that wiping your face dry can irritate your skin and so I tried patting dry and have genuinely noticed a difference!)

Now I tone using the Garnier Softening Toner which is good for removing any excess dirt or makeup still left after cleansing.


Next I moisturise and first use The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. This does leave your skin very oily but this is one of the only things I have used which I dramatically see a difference in my skin. This moisturises my skin so well! To moisturise just to add a bit extra, I next use The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream. This on top of the serum is really good for my dry skin especially as The Body Shop Vitamin E range I find really good for my dry skin.



Finally for my skin if I have any spots I use the Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment which really dries out new spots. The last thing I do before I go to sleep I use my Carmex lip balm. Ever since I can remember I have bitten and picked at my lips which leaves them bleeding and really sore as they often have slits in them and since  they become dry from this I just bite them more. This is the only lip blam which moisturises my lips and can defiantly see improvement over night. When they aren’t dry I don’t bite them and I use the Lush Lip Scrub which is really good but when they are sore I don’t use this as I don’t want to make my lips and worse.


I was going to incorporate my morning routine in this post but it is already a bit to long so will do a separate post for my morning rounitne!


Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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