Two Grunge looks using the Modern Renaissance and Manny MUA Makeup Geek Palette

As we are officially in Autumn now I feel like it is prime time for deep grungy eye looks. It was recently my birthday and my new makeup has inspired me to do some grungy makeup looks! So in this post I am using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and Manny MUA Makeup Geek collaboration palette. (As i’m writing this i’m re watching The Walking Dead season 6 let me know if any one watches it and who is exited for the new season I know I defiantly am very exited)!!!

This post is of 2 eye looks because one night last week I wanted to practise a couple looks but didn’t want to do 1 then wipe it off and do another one so did 1 look for each eye that’s why I don’t have pictures showing the eye look on both eyes. As I did these looks at night and the lighting was really shitty so the photos haven’t picked up what the looks looked like fully as I used flash and it was very yellow light but you can still get the gist of the looks!

I also had no other makeup on apart from eyebrows so my skin doesn’t match the eyeshadow!

So for the first look as always I used my Maybelline Fit Me concealer, Rimmel Match perfection loose powder and Morphe E22 to set. Then same as usually I used Makeup Geeks Peach Smoothie as a transition colour but if you wanted to just stick to the palettes you could use Beaches and Cream what is in the Manny MUA palette which is like a litter version of Peach Smoothie. Then in the same place as Peach Smoothie, I also used Burnt Orange from the ABH palette, a warm orange with brown all on a Morphe M441. I also started bringing this down onto the lower lash line with the same brush.


Now, more concentrated in the crease of my eye, I used Realgar a deep red brick orange on a Zoeva 227 and again took it down to my lower lash line. With this looks as I wanted it to be grungy, it doesn’t really matter if its messy so there’s no point using a different brush for the lower lash line and using a blending brush makes it look much more smoky.


anyone else get these dry line patches when applying eyeshadow?!?!


Then I used Red Ochre over the whole lid and blended it into my crease and onto the lower lash line. The same again with Love Letter to bring more red into the look. This was all still using the Zoeva 227.



Now on a mac 217, I took Cyprus Umber into the outer v to deepen the look, across the lash line and on the first quatre of the lower lash line to connect everything up and to darken everything. Next I used my Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Koal Liner onto the water line, tighlined and lash line. I then went back in with Cyprus Umber on a flat definer brush a smoked out the liner on the lower lash line and lash line.





Before I went into the next look, I wiped product off my brushes on a cotton pad.

As always I started off this next look with Makeup Geeks Peach Smoothie as my transition colour but like I said before, an alternative could be Beaches and Cream. I took my Zoeva 227 and Sora, an orangy toned brown from the Manny MUA palette into my crease and lower lash line. I then did the same but very lightly with Frappe.


I then took both Warm Taupe and Raw Sienna from the ABH palette on a Mac 217 across the whole lid and blended into the crease and lower lash line.


The same as the previous look, I lined my water line, lash line and tightlined with my Smashbox liner and with a flat definer brush, I smoked it out with cyprus umber. I dragged it up slightly more however to make more of a sharper, almost a lined wing effect.



For inner corner and brow bone highlight I just used Tempra, a matte pinky bone shade as I didn’t think a shimmery highlight would go with the grungy look. I also layered my mascara quite thickly to go along with the look.


That’s the 2 looks hope you enjoyed 🙂



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