September Favourites

Its been so long since ive posted!!!!! september has been a really busy month with getting back into the routine of college and I also started my first job so was getting to grips with everything!!! So as i have been busy I have bought 1 or 2 new products what are in this post and there are also a couple products I have had for a couple months but have been really loving recently!


First things first im gonna talk about the Manny Mua Makeup Geek collaboration palette. I received this as a present towards the end of September but had to put it in this favourites post as i have used it non stop! I love the packaging with the classic Makeup Geek print on the front. It closes magnetically with the shade names on the back and I love every single one of the shades! The shade Insomnia and Cosmopolitan I have loved for ages and been wanting to buy them  they are so good!!! If you want me to do an in depth review of the palette let me know! but overall its a great warm toned palette I think especially good for winter coming up!





Next I wanna talk about the cult classic Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade! I got this at the beginning of September and it is so good! I got the shade Dark Brown as I honestly could not decide between Chocolate, Medium Brown or Dark Brown. In the end I went with the darker one as I like my brows to be quite dark anyway and also want to dye my hair a little darker so thought it would be better to go for the darker shade. It is so easy to work with and goes such a long way! I have heard that the more of the product you use the harder it is to work with so i am going to see if that happens but so far so good!



The next product I bought around July but have been especially love it in September! It is The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. The Vitamin E range is really good for dry skin and this stuff is so good!! I have such such dry skin and so far this is the only thing I have used what has actually made a difference to my skin. It is very oily and feels very oily when you put it on. By the morning it has all sunk in and leaves my skin so much more moisturised! if you have dry skin it works so well!



Finally is another skin care product and is a face mask. it is again by The Body Shop and its their Mineral and Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask. when I first used this I was shocked at how warm it actually is! You apply it to wet skin and I don’t know if the products reacts with water to heat up or what but it is so nice especially as it is turning colder and in a hot bath its so nice! This is a pore cleanser and I really like it as it isn’t so intense that my skin becomes dry but is intense enough to clear pores. it also smells pretty good!


So not to much in this favourites but this is the little collection of products i have really been enjoying in September! Hopefully i can start posting more again now as well ell! hope you enjoyed! 🙂



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