Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection


Over the last couple of months, I have been slowly collecting Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I first heard about them through YouTube and found that I could buy them on Beautybay. I have to say these eyeshadows are some of the best eyeshadows I can find and have tried! They are the butteriest one of the most pigmented formulas and incredibly easy to blend! There are also so many colours and shades and formulas like foiled, duo chrome etc. at the moment I own 12 Makeup Geek eyeshadows and have a long wish list with more! I also have a Z palette on my wish list to store all the pans in.


Bitten- this was my first ever MUG eyeshadow and I feel like this is a staple in a lot of peoples Makeup Geek collections! This is a deep plumy maroon red. This is such a good crease or all over lid colour and I think it’s a great autumn colour.


Peach Smoothie- the second shade I added to my collection. I was on the hunt for a good transition shade and found out about the famous Peach Smoothie. this is a pale peachy shade which I feel as a transition shade gives really good warmth underneath other eye shadows.


Morocco- this was the next shade I got and I think If you like warm eye looks this is a top shade to get! Orange and red looks are my favourite looks ever! This colour is a deep burnt orange and I think my favourite matte MUG shadow.


Flame Thrower- this was my first MUG foiled eyeshadow. This is a bright orangey copper foil with tiny flecks of gold running through it. I’ve been loving wearing this and can’t wait to wear it in autumn as it’s such a warm colour which will look great for around Halloween!


Jester- I next bought this foiled shadow as I was so impressed with Flame Thrower I wanted to try another foil! This is a bright green grass shade and when it catches the light shows its golden undertones!


Untamed- this is another foiled shadow and it is a deep copper gold and in the light looks slightly duo chromed!


Secret Garden- this is my first and only duo chrome shadow to date buy MUG. In the pan this shade looks like a deep moss green but when its swatched it’s a bright green teal with dark brown duo chrome base.



Corrupt- this is the most pigmented black I have ever seen!!! There’s not really anything else to say about it to be honest! The only thing I would say is be careful of fallout with this shade but that the price you pay for such a strong pigment.


Chickadee- this is a very bright warm yellow orange which I think is a great matte shade for a transition shade for a bright eye look.


Lemon Drop- this is a shimmery/ velvet bright lemon yellow.


Dirty Martini- this is a deep olive green. I bought this as I wanted an olive green to go with Jester and I think they go together so well.


Cocoa Bear- my final MUG shade I own is the cult classic Cocoa Bear. This is a deep red- toned brown which is almost a brick shade. this is quite a unique brown to deepen eye looks.


I would defiantly recommend the Makeup Geek eyeshadows. They are such good value considering the high quality pigment and formula they have! These are the best eyeshadows I own and much prefer them over some of the high end eyeshadows I have. There are so many shades to choose from to build up your own personal palette. If I had to recommend 3 shades I would defiantly recommend Chikadee, morocco and bitten as staples!



Hope you enjoyed!


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