Festival Makeup Look

Festival season is now coming to an end as we are coming to the end of summer. This year I went to my first ever festival which was Reading festival! This year at Reading, Red Hot Chili Peppers were headlining and every part of the 2 hours they played was so amazing! I saw loads of other acts and the whole experience of the festival was so good!

( by the way, please excuse the glitter spay in my hair!)


When festivals come around so do crazy colourful and glittery makeup looks! I didn’t take step by step pictures of my looks but there was one look I felt was very festively which I thought I would share! These are pictures took when i was practising the makeup at home before i went to the festival.

First for this look I primed my eyelids up to my eyebrow with Maybelline Fit Me concealer and the NYX HD eyeshadow primer and set it with the shade Skimp in the Urban Decay Basics 2 palette with a Morphe E22. When I primed, I focused the products just mainly above my natural crease as I would be going in later with concealer to create a cut crease. I primed it with both the products because it was bloody hot the weekend of reading and I didn’t want that eyeshadow to budge!

With my MAC 217 I took Makeup Geeks Peach Smoothie as a transition shade just above the crease practically to my eyebrow and trying to avoid the crease (this is to create a new crease as I would go in later with concealer to create a sort of half cut crease) I also did the same with Lime Crimes Rebirth from the Venus palette and Makeup Geeks Morocco but focussing this on the outer edge of the eye. With these colours instead of stopping at the outer v of my eye, I blended them into my temple and under my eye.

I then took a simple detailer brush and my Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer from the inner corner of my eye and cut the crease but stopped around ¾ the way into the lid of my eye as I didn’t want a full cut crease. I set it with the shade Skimp I originally set my concealer and primer with my Morphe E22. I then took Lime Crimes Aura on a Zoeva 234 and sprayed it with Mac fix plus to make it a little more exaggerated and metallic and packed this onto the lid where I had concealed.


Then I took Makeup Geeks Bitten onto the outer part of my lid and blended it into Aura on the lid, the crease colours, into the temple and under my eye with a Zoeva 227.

Next I took Lime Crimes Icon with the same Zoeva 227 into the same places as Bitten. With my Morphe M139 I took a black eyeshadow very lightly over the top of Icon and Bitten but mainly focused it under my eye.

With my Morphe M441 I took Lime Crimes Muse from the temple all the way up to the corners of my forehead (basically where I bronze) and all the way down to my cheek bones where I highlight. I next took Barry M Gold Iridescent pigment into the inner corner of my eye and brow bone on a Zoeva 230 with Mac Fix Plus to highlight.

I used my Topshop Kohl pencil in Coal on my water line and to tight line and then used my Kiko mascara on my top and bottom lashes. Then with my NYX white liquid liner, I did dots following my brows.


Something else to mention, I used Sleeks Hemisphere from the Solstice palette for my highlight as it is a lavender highlight and thought it added colour to the look when added over Muse on my cheek bone.


Hope you enjoyed! 🙂





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