August Favourites

So this is my first ever “monthly favourites” post. I dunno if I will do every month but it came to the end of August and I have a few things I have actually really been enjoying so thought I may as well talk about them!

First in my favourites is the Maybelline fit me concealer! I bought this in the shade 15. I think they shades are 10, 15 and 20 but in not 100%. When I swatched them in boots, I assumed the 10 would be the fairest but it really oxidized on my arm so I bought the shade 15. I was worried it would be too dark but I went on holiday got a bit of a tan and now it is a perfect under eye concealer! I find this to be really creamy and is great as it is the first concealer I have used which doesn’t cake up under my eyes as I have really dry under eyes!


When I bought the concealer there was a deal on Maybelline so I decided to also get the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur Primer. This primer is soooooo good! I don’t know about the longevity this product gives your makeup but this primer gives your skin such a boost of brightness! It definably is anti-fatigue as it completely brightens the skin and makes you look much more refreshed and healthier! I would defiantly recommend this to someone with dry skin as this can bring life back to dry skin!

The next thing is makeup geeks foiled eyeshadow in jester. I have had this for a while but hadn’t really used it but recently I have loveddd wearing this as a halo look!! The makeup geek foiled eyeshadows are the butteriest pigmented shadows I have ever tried! Until I find a better product, the makeup geek foiled eye shadows will be my favourite makeup product there is! I just find this colour to be so stunning and I’m really enjoying green eye looks at the moment!


I recently bought a Morphe E22 brush too prime and set my eyelids as before I was using just a simple brush from Superdrug. Since using this I have genuinely noticed a difference in my eyeshadow. This primes and sets my eyelids so well and is able to get all over the lid. It is just big enough for my eye but not to big considering I have such tiny eyes!


Next is a cult classic in makeup! I have finally jumped on the very old bandwagon and got myself a Mary- Lou Manizer by The Balm! I have been hesitant to get this for so long as I felt like it is just a bit subtle. Recently however, I have been wanting that subtle gold glow and this is perfect! I also recently went on holiday and I think this highlight goes really well with a tan and a subtle summer makeup look!



Finally, is a body mist. I was given Burberrys My Burberry moisturizing body mist. This has such a nice flowery, quit musky smell. I recently went to reading festival and let me tell you it was bloody hot! This was such a good mist to cool down plus it smelled really nice!




Makeup Geeks Jester foiled eyeshadow and The Balms Mary- Lou Maniser  


So that was my august favourites! I may carry on with favourites maybe not monthly I guess I will just see how it goes!

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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