My Vinyl Record Collection



So recently I’ve been watching a lot of “my vinyl collection” videos on YouTube. I love love love all my records and thought I would just do a blog post on some of the records in my collection for a bit of fun!


I got my record player for my 16th birthday so almost 2 years ago!!! It’s a deep turquoise almost green Crosley turntable and it’s beautiful! I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s called the Crosley keepsake turntable. It’s the brief case style and it is compatible with both 12 inch and 7 inch records. It is belt driven and you can set 3 different speeds to fit the record and you can also change the tone. I would say if you are starting out listening to vinyl these record players are defiantly convenient and good quality for the price. It’s all in one with speakers and being able to play both sized records I would just say if you are looking into the sounds in depth they aren’t the loudest or best best quality sound but for starting off and the price they are really good! They also look pretty cool in the corner of your room!




My music taste is not that diverse if I’m honest so there isn’t a lot of variation in this! This list isn’t my whole collection just my top favourites!

One of my favourite records is my original 1989 Nirvana Bleach album and this record was actually cut before the release date! The original records defiantly sound better than the newly cut records. The sleeve is the original Bleach album cover and the vinyl itself is marbled green and it’s so fucking cool! I think on this record my favourites are Blew, School and Negative creep!



I also have non originals Nevermind and MTV Unplugged. The Unplugged inner sleeve then has black and white screenshots from the performance. My favourites are In Bloom, Lithium, Drain you, Something in the way and possibly one of my all-time favourite Nirvana songs Where did you sleep last night and Lake of fire!… basically I can’t pick a favourite and just love them all!




I have the classic Appetite For Destruction by Guns N’ Roses with the original album art for the inner sleeve. I bloody love this album but I ordered it from Amazon last year and it has a scratch on the record! I think my favourite from this just has to be Welcome to The Jungle! I bought Motorhead Bad Magic last year and inside has a black and white picture of them which looks I love! This also came with a CD what is pretty good. Thunder And Lighting and Till The End are my favourites on this.



I have an original 1986 Metallica Master Of Puppets which I bought down the lanes in Brighton. I don’t remember the name of the shop but it’s the one on the corner down one of the lanes and it’s so good! Welcome Home (Sanitarium) is defiantly my favourite from this and possibly one of my favourite Metallica songs ever!!!


Another record I bought from the lanes in Brighton but from a different record shop is an original 1973 live album of the Ziggy Stardust Tour (David Bowie) which has classics like Changes and Space oddity this one is a 2 record set so has side A, B, C and D.



Some of my other old/ classic records I have are Fleetwood Mac greatest hits I got from Camden Market, Cinderella Long Cold Winter I got from eBay, Michael Jackson souvenir singles pack from the Bad tour ( 5 square picture records!) Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon, The Cream Of Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson Bad etc. I also have loads of old singles like Ugly Kid Joe everything about you, loads of The Jam and the Police, Michael Jackson, Queen etc!


I own two Jake Bugg records which are Shangri La and Jake Bugg. I love every track on these albums. Jake Bugg may be my favourite artist and i’m planning to get his new album (On My One) next! the song Fire on the album Jake Bugg sounds like it was recorded from a turntable and so make the song even more beautiful to listen to on vinyl. I read once that the crackle in that song was recorded on his phone but i’m not to sure!




Some of my other records I have are The Beatles- Abbey Road, Arctic Monkeys- Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not and Suck It And See, The Smiths- The World Won’t Listen, Oasis- (What’s The Story) Morning Glory etc. I have loads other but this post literally won’t end so I’m gonna stop here!!!



Sorry this is so long but I could just go on and on! This is different to my beauty posts but just felt like writing about music!



Sorry this is so long but I could just go on and on! This is different to my beauty posts but just felt like writing about music! I have added a link to my Spotify below if you want to check out some of my playlists but they are a bit all over the place!

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂







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