Sleek Precious Metals and Solstice highlighting palettes review

As highlighting has been pretty popular in the last few months I was on the hunt for a good quality drugstore highlight. I found it pretty hard to find one I liked as a lot of drugstore highlights have flecks of glitter in which is just not what I personally like. I started hearing about the Sleek highlighting palettes in January and I bought both the Precious Metals and Solstice palette in February.

Both the palettes have very sleek packaging as the brand name goes! I unfortunately don’t have the packaging they were sold in though as I bought them quite a while ago. They both came in black packaging showing the shades and names of each shade and where Sleek suggests to apply each shade. both palettes also come with a brush but I also do not have this anymore.

Precious Metals-



This palette is a reflective silver and has three cream shades and one powder shade.

  • Platinum
  • Royal gold
  • Renaissance gold
  • Antique bronze


Platinum is a white shimmery cream shade with pink reflects all the way through creating an almost duochrome finish.

Royal Gold is a warm gold champagne cream with silver flecks all the way through and has a shimmery high shine finish.

Renaissance Gold is a pale champagne cream with gold reflects. This is more of a metallic finish.

Lastly is Antique Bronze which is a powder bronze with tiny specks of gold shimmery.


left to right- Antique Bronze, Renaissance Gold, Royal Gold, Platinum


top to bottom- Platinum, Royal Gold, Renaissance Gold, Antique Bronze 

Solstice palette-



This palette is reflective gold with three powders two of which are baked and one cream.

  • Eclipse
  • Hemisphere
  • Subsolar
  • Equinox


Eclipse is a pearlized warm peachy pink and bronze duochrome cream.

Hemasphire is a baked lavender powder with flecks of silver shimmer. This one is very high shine on the skin!

Subsolar is a satin pale yellowy gold with silver shimmer throughout.

Finally, Equinox is another baked powder which is a warm bronze with silver undertones.


left to right- Eclipse, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox




left to right- Equinox, Subsolar, Hemisphere, Eclipse

I have found a way how I like to wear a mixture of these shades and it is my almost daily highlighting routine.

I mix Royal Gold and Renaissance Gold from the Precious Metals palette and apply with my finger in a semi circle from my cheek bones around to the arch of my brows. I then take the shades Hemasphire and Subsolar from the Solstice palette on a fan brush over the top of this to set and to create more of a highlighted look.

I then take Subsolar from the solstice palette on my chin, cupids bow, lower lip, tip of my nose and on the bridge of my nose between my brows.

To intensify, I then take Hemasphire from the Solctise palette on the apples of my cheeks to create more of a dewy look.

Occasionally, as I have dry skin I will also then take Antique Bronze from the precious metals palette as a bronzer topper to give a bit of life back to my skin and create more of a dewy skin finish.


I would say out of the 2, the Precious Metals palette is aimed to deeper skin tones and the Solstice palette is aimed to fairer skin tones but I love to use them both and combine the shades. I have a very fair skin tone so I think they would look great how ever you wanted to wear them! Overall the sleek highlighting palettes in solstice and precious metals are amazing! You can get a subtle glow from within look or high shine stand out highlight from these palettes! These are amazing products from the price of £10 each! I highly recommend these palettes and have not stopped using them since I bought them 6 months ago and are lasting well!!!

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂




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