Eyebrow routine

I started filling in my brows around year 8 and over the last sort of 4 years have kept the same exact technique in how I do them but have perfected them way I personally like them and here is how I do them!…

Products used-

  • Sleek brow kit in dark
  • M215 Morphe brush
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in fair neutral
  • A regular small detailer brush

By the way, I always bake while doing my eyebrows so i was baking as i took these pictures!

So first I comb them through to the shape I like just with a regular spoolie but it is just like a simple little flat spoolie which looks like a mini comb instead of one of those ones which is rounded all over as for some reason I don’t like the shape they make my brow.


Then I go in with my angled M215 Morphe brush and the wax product from the sleek brow kit and draw the outline of my brow starting at the bottom going from the start of my brow around a centimetre in and to the end of the tail. Then I start at the arch and connect this outline to the end of the tail and then outline the top of my brow and ending the line about a centimetre and a half in.



I then get more of the wax product and start to fill my brows in from the tail and I always add in more product to this area and the bottom of my brow as I like the lower and tail area to be the darkest.


Then with the product left on the brush and the brow, I blend going from the tail to the start, making the start of my brow have hardly any product to give a tiny fade.


Then I go in with my Naked Skin concealer and a simple small detailer brush just from an eyeshadow palette and clean up under my brow and once that is blended, I take the remaining concealer on the brush just too lightly clean up the tail area and above the brow.


Then I take a tiny bit more of the wax product onto the M215 and add the wax to the bottom of the brow at the start just to make it more defined.


I then take the powder side of the kit lightly over the wax product with the M215 just to set the wax then I comb the hair into place with my Eyleure brow control and shape gel (I think I got this in a set one Christmas so I don’t know what colour it’s in but it’s a dark chocolaty brown colour) I also do this to make them look a little more real and less drawn on (although I do also like that look)



So that’s how I do my brows, I don’t get them done or anything I just like shaping them and trimming them myself so excuse if they aren’t the tidiest!

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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