Lime Crime Venus: The Grunge Palette Review


When I first started to get more interested in makeup I had quite a few cheapy palette and some very nude palettes but nothing with colour. I decided I would save my money to buy a palette of good quality. When I looked around at eye looks I liked online, a lot of them were created by Lime Crimes Venus the Grunge palette. I love the warm grungy look and this palette is full of warm red tones.

Whenever people talk about Lime crime on the internet there is so much controversy which I am not going to go into, this is just my review on what I think of the palette.

On the lime crime website this palette retails for around £24 which is so good considering there are 8 shades in here, making them near £3 each I think is pretty reasonable. (this is also without counting the packaging)

The packaging I think is stunning. It’s a cardboard palette and it closes magnetically. The whole palette itself is based on Botticelli’s, the birth of Venus painting. The packaging is a mix of blue and orange and it has a part of the birth of Venus painting on the front. I love the details of the packaging as the goddess Venus has eye shadow of the same shades as inside the palette! The whole palette has the classic feel from the painting with a gold frame like a painting frame and a 90’s grunge feel.


Inside the palette is a good sized mirror which has the same gold frame which I really like and the blue and orange theme runs through. The pans are a good size with the names underneath each shade in gold which all link to the painting.

limecrime palette



First is the colour Venus, a velvet matte. This is a very burnt orange with a red undertone. it also has flecks of glitter in it and almost a sheen to it.

Next is Shell. This is a pearly pink with peach undertone. this shade has a bright sheen to it and is a stunning shell colour!

Aura is a high shine glowy ivory almost pale champagne shade. This is the perfect brow arch and inner corner highlight

The last colour of the top row is Creation which is the first matte of the palette. This is a stunning deep rustic orange with a brown undertone.


L-R: Creation, Aura, Shell, Venus




The first shade of the second row Icon. A deep chocolate brown and is also another matte finish. This is the darkest shade is the palette and is a good definition colour.

Next is Rebirth. This a coraly orange with a matte finish.

Divine is an interesting colour. It’s a stone taupe colour this is a matte finish. I don’t know if it’s just me but when its worn it looks like it has a really dusty muted purple undertone almost!

The last colour in the palette which is my favourite Muse. A deep rouge and reminds me of a red wine colour. This is a very grungy red with a matte finish.


L-R: Muse, Divine, Rebirth, Icon





Top to bottom- Venus, Shell, Aura, Creation, Icon, Rebirth, Divine, Muse



Top to bottom- Venus, Shell, Aura, Creation, Icon, Rebirth, Divine, Muse

some of the shadows are just a tiny but more powdery than other but they are all a really good buttery texture. All these shades are all really pigmented and are easy to blend, it is an overall such a great warm toned grungy palette. This palette 100% I would recommend and just love!!!

Hope you enjoyed J


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